10 years old.

Born out of the desire to help local brands grow through knowledge transfer of international best practices.


Led by “people who have been there and done that”.

Core team of 4 experts supported by passionate enablers.


Representative office for 23plusone in SEA,

an emotive branding tool. Connected to a network of 45 specialists around the world.


Fiercely proud of our dedication to excellence,

choose to remain lean to preserve our philosophy. Crazy about purpose.


We love to play

and bring bountiful energy to the workplace.


Fun Fact About Us

About Ideascape

Ideascape is an agency that helps brand and business leaders grow profit along with positive impact for positive social change via brand, marketing and communication strategy.

We do this through providing strategic brand that blend insights into creative thinking, strategic rigor and commercial acumen. We are committed to lead people/ leaders and brands/ organizations to grow by balancing profit and purpose.
We influence them to self-direct towards making choices for a better world.

What We Do

We assist clients in inventing or enhancing existing products, services, brands and customer experiences.
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We act as creative facilitators for idea generation, branding strategy and planning.
For when needed, Ideascape acts as the outsourced brand management function, coordinating the execution of the brand strategy.
We do this by working as partners on innovation projects, facilitate knowledge transfer, evaluating and writing the commercial business plan.
We source for and manage research, creative, media and event agencies.


From F&B to retail services to government, our leaders have expertise across a wide variety of industries. Solving the diverse problems of our clients requires a diverse set of knowledge, and with that our team brings multiple points of view to a singular challenge. This enables us to come up with better, more powerful solutions that will surprise, delight and inspire growth for your organization.


Principal Impact Consultant

Passionate about Growth

With over 30 years of experience in Market Research and Consumer Insights, Rumaizon has had exposure in FMCG, Services and Government; with a natural talent for picking up soft Consumer Trends, and a passion for converting them into actionable business initiatives. A planner, with strong analytical capability, she has vast experience in generating New Product Ideas/ Communication Concept Ideas/ Retail & Promotion Ideas based on Consumer Insights. Her work experience has included various aspects of the Marketing Mix; from Packaging to Brand extensions and managing changes of consumer target groups.

Rumaizon is aligned with the Sustainable Goal #2 – Zero Hunger



Word Smither & Popcorn Machine

As a previous Commercial Go-To-Market champion and marketing strategist across different regional markets within the FMCG industry, Leonard has over 22 years of experience in brand management, marketing, business intelligence, new product development, strategy & innovative ideas facilitation as well as sales management. His other experience includes developing holistic brand strategy and brand platforms. He is an avid visual thinker and loves to sketch note. Passionate about teaching and coaching, he believes that learning is a life-long process.

Leonard aligns himself with the Sustainable Goal #8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth


Chief Financial Officer

Eat numbers for breakfast

Liana is well exposed in international trade and has been in a renowned international bank, working on ASIAPAC market projects dealing with international trade system both locally and globally for 14 years. With the solid background, she ventured into business and brings with her a wealth of knowledge garnered through her experiences and ready to impart to other aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to expand their business.

Liana believes in Sustainable Development Goal #16 – Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions


Transformation Consultant

Belacan Dutch

With a passion to understand people’s behavior and what drives them, Maarten supports professionals in HR, Branding and Communication in their efforts to effectively connect with their emotions, purpose, team and audience. Maarten has a background that varies from IT related work to programs and project management with a few of the Big 5 consulting firms for international clients. He has a natural talent and drive to make complex situations easier. Maarten is also a certified life coach with The Coaches Institute (CTI).

Maarten is aligned with the Sustainable Goal #11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities


Business Strategist

Artistic Baker

With over 20 years experience ranging from client relationship management in various industries, marketing, business development, strategic corporate planning and business process evaluations, Azhani has taken her experience in an international IT company to work closely with clients to help them improve their businesses, utilizing IT solutions particularly in the Government, GLCs and Education sectors. She has also performed high level strategic consulting work mainly focused on corporate strategic IT positioning and business process evaluations to help companies develop and execute their business plans to be more competitive and adaptive.

Azhani supports the Sustainable Development Goal #4 - Quality Education


People Strategist

Handbag Bug

Rose has found her passion in transformation of people and organizations. With over 29 years of experience in Human Resources and 18 years as a member of top management teams, Rose has developed the skill of linking people development to business strategy. She has been exposed to both multi-nationals and GLCs in various industries and at several levels including board positions. Rose was 1st Vice President of the International Aviation Council due to her significant contribution to the Aviation Industry. In her position she has taken the responsibility to transform Human Resources from being an administrative resource to a operating as a strategic partner. Rose was also accredited as an Executive Coach by Everest Woods Australia.

Rose is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal #1 – No Poverty


Brand Stylist

Resident “Babe”

Anis is passionate about guarding the Brand Communication & Identity Standards, as she helps clients to ensure this aspect of design element is respected, as her core responsibility is in visual communication and creative development. She is experienced in aligning the brand strategy to creative development process for packaging, print and digital. Anis is also well-versed in designing, marketing, collaterals for big F&B brands and has trained sales and marketing teams, leading to the development of new packaging concept on Gifting and Premium.

Anis believes in the Sustainable Development Goal #1 – No Poverty