What We Do

Brand Experience

Brand audits, strategy, activation and more, we’ll bridge the gap between you and your ideal customer.

Demand Generation

We’ve built systems, processes and strategies that will help you optimise your business with data & insights.

Powering Executive Performance

True leadership is learnt as much as it is experienced. From transformative programs to workshops, let’s co-create culture.

Sustainability Matters

Everyone’s eyes are on what your values are. We’ll help you make sustainability a part of your brand’s circular economy.

Curating positive brand experiences facilitates deeper connections, inspires audiences, and ultimately delivers results. Why should you leave it to chance?

When you want to create a relationship with your target audience, you need to create a meaningful connection. We have over 30 years of experience doing this and now we are extending our expertise.

7 Malay Segments
Are you targeting the right Malay segment ?
Malay consumers have continued to evolve in the new norm. With this refreshed Mindset Segmentation study, marketers will have a clear roadmap to know who exactly their audience is and strategise the most effective way to market with increased conversion opportunities.


Our proprietary research, MYWellness serves as a guide in understanding consumer mindset segmentation and attitude shifts in relation to health & wellness.


Brand Audit
Through our Brand Audit, we help clients measure the gap between what they intend to project vs. what is being received by the target audience. This would allow re-alignment of strategy, more effective and efficient deployment of resources.


Stop shooting in the dark! Segment, Target, Position and Activate your brand in the most efficient way. We’ll help you understand the market better through our two segmentation studies.


Brand Strategy
When you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Let us help you define who you are, create the most relevant strategy for your audience to identify your product/services. We have just the right framework for you to set out on the right foot (insert the visual on Brand Strategy)

Brand Activation
The proof of a sound strategy is in its activation. Execution of the marketing mix is called “Activation”. From product launches to consumer engagement activities, our activation are powerful because they are deliberately purposeful marketing.

Public Relations and Media
We know our media like the back of our hands. From auto, lifestyle, business, education to health media, we have had the pleasure of handling them all.

Equipped with experience in working with the industry’s big players, we have created IdeaScape’s very own set of PR tools to ensure the clients are well positioned, understood and talked about.


When we help businesses flourish, we usually combine these pieces:

Business Health Checks
Whatever is your business size and stage, our Business Health Check identifies every chink and opportunity area in your business that can be accompanied by targeted solutions.


Our Profitable Revenue Growth Management System (PRGM) uses data and insights to generate growth and profit in a sustainable way.



A training suite that uses a hands on approach to raise the competencies of business leaders and communications personnel.


Business War Games
Business War Games is designed to align, strategize and execute the marketing plan in the most efficient manner.



Ideafactory is a customisable brainstorming workshop which uses accelerated learning and 23plusone to generate breakthrough and innovative ideas.


True leadership is learnt as much as it is experienced. From transformative programs to workshops, let’s co-create culture.

Thriving Leaders
We deliver transformative programs for executive leaders, leveraging on thriving and wellbeing to power performance. Applying our Thriving Leaders framework, we combine wellness, scientific emotive tool and decades of experience to create interactive programs for leaders to amplify their impact, which in turn enables them to create a culture of well being driven success.

Quickly gain insight into your Thriving level.

Culture Co-Creation
Don’t leave the culture of your organization to chance. You have the opportunity to create that enduring workplace – one that is based on each team’s member vision of what is ideal in the workplace. Reinvigorating your organizational culture will engage employees, improve performance and increase productivity.

We help clients develop their very own culture, using a scientific emotive tool called 23plusone,  and we help facilitate the transition to clarify direction, capitalize diversity, and self organize to create team ownership.

Build A Happy Team
Happiness and positivity, everybody wants it, also at work!

Scientists have proven that there is a direct link between happiness and positive behavior. Using a scientific emotive tool called 23plusone, we identify each person’s emotive drive for happiness. Once we understand what drives happiness for each team member, then we stimulate positive behavior. Happy organizations are more productive and therefore more profitable with passion and enthusiasm as the currency. The business case is easy, investments in happiness and positive behavior pays off, immediately.


Consumers are expecting radical transparency from brands. Investors are demanding impact investment portfolios. Employees are looking to connect with the organization’s value proposition. The demand is real.

“It is ironic that the progress of the economy is measured by the rate at which we destroy the ideal that sustains our own lives.”  – Jaklin Juanis.

In IdeaScape, we make your marketing effort part of your brand’s circular economy.  We hold your business to a standard, where the primary purpose of your marketing is to communicate your brand values. Everything we create has a purpose and meaning for your brand, nothing invented, nothing wasted.

✅ Sustainability Consultation
We are passionate about making sustainability part of the mainstream conversation. So, we guide our clients to find out what their brand story that is wrap around sustainability.

✅ Sustainability Workshop and Training
Helping our clients to understand roadmap, and how to build a journey towards a better future.

✅ Sustainability Culture Transformation
No one can do it alone.  From getting team buy-in, to preparing the team for the journey, we hold your hand throughout

✅ Organizational Sustainability Transformation Consultation
We help with gap analysis, followed with mapping the strategy, focusing on People & Leadership, Operational and Implementation.

Engage us to conduct a sustainability preview session, for key decision makers in your organization, on a complimentary basis.