Our Approach

We crafted a Brand Building Tool that gives us an overall and systematic approach when it comes to brand building.
It allows us to start from the very point where the brand needs help while preventing us from arriving at predefined conclusions in creating the brand experience.

Data & Insights Based

Understand the gap and capture key insights about the product/brand offering vs. the perception held regarding it (internal and external)

Strategy Development

Establish what the brand stands for and how it will be experienced. Visualization of brand world.

Brand Experience

Outline the action plan for the brand to present itself to the target audience, usually via integrated 360 communication and activation.

Emotive Transformer

A scientific method for dialogue over and insights in feelings, meaning and behavior. It brings people together based on positive feelings, beliefs and behavior.

People First

Ideascape believes in investing thought, time, and resources into true talent and leadership development — may be the single most important strategy to pursue.


In almost all of our key activities with our clients, Ideascape uses 23plusone, a scientifically proven tool that builds positive meaningful connections. Through this tool we are able to understand and influence human behaviour, both in business and private life.

The tools help us discover motivations that stimulate organizations to drive positive transformation and values for both internal and external stakeholders.  The discovery process using 23plusone reveals the relationship of human emotions to brand appeal, which we use to chart the brand or organizational strategy for our clients.

Ideascape is the representative office for 23plusone in South East Asia and part of a worldwide network of over 60 specialists in 11 countries.

Flexibility is our Strength

We collaborate with the best in industry to create the winning brand story.

Our partners are experts in their own field and are equipped to deliver according to the strategy agreed.

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