Demand Generation

Ideascape can help you develop your brand, increase market share, loyalty and customer value powered by various touch points and capabilities.

With over 20-years of observation and research on Malay consumers, I Ideascape segmented these consumers into mindset segmentation and discover the differences in their attitude and behavior within that market.

This research has benefited us in terms of helping us to craft the right kind of touch points based on their attitude and behaviours.

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Strategy is about uncovering the pivotal insights that unlocks creativity. This is best done in collaboration – between the client, consumer and sales. We help clients to unearth the truths about their product, challenge the status quo and charge their brands to move into the future.

This we do through deep and profound consumer understanding, which ensures the brand’s relevance to the target consumer.

Our work is based on a set of proven framework and tools.

Ideafactory is a creative brainstorming workshop that combines group work with innovative techniques that helps clients to generate breakthrough and innovative ideas through a customized workshop designed according to your business needs.

Workshops available:
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Corporate Vision and Mission Development
  • New Product and Packaging Idea Generation
  • Communication Idea Generation
  • Retail and Promotion Idea Generation

The workshop is designed based on our own proprietary framework.

As different companies face different challenges, Business War Games is designed to align, strategize and execute the marketing and sales plan in the most efficient manner.

We facilitate the creation of a bulletproof marketing or sales plan with one of the four warfare strategies, suited for your brand: Offensive, Defensive, Flanking or Guerilla method.

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Ideascape is also passionate about the development of small and medium businesses.

We help accelerate your growth via Idea Institute – the learning and development arm for Ideascape.

We focus on developing entrepreneurs through our training, coaching and bespoke programs.