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Taking the first step in defining your brand is key to starting off on the right foot, or left!

We will help you determine the right brand positioning to resonate with your target market.

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Brand Audit

Through Brand Audit, we help clients measure the gap between what they intend to project vs. what is being received by the target audience. This would allow re-alignment of strategic, more effective and efficient deployment of resources.

Our Brand Audit process usually takes on 4 distinct areas:

  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Consumer Mindset Interrogation
  • Product and Service Evaluation
  • Corporate Ambition Interrogation
How we do it


We provide an overall assessment of the critical elements of your business to help you focus on the business in a manner that helps you see it as an external expert might see it.

This involves an initial diagnostic by the business owner/manager on the business and the results will determine the areas of improvements the business currently is. It also highlights ways and means of bringing change or improvement to the business. From there on, we will help you manage the areas of improvements.

Our approach on audit


As businesses scale, it is imperative to ensure that the profit made become both result and tool to achieve another goal – that is to fulfill a purpose. Ideascape provides an overall assessment to define their goals and how the economic and social values can intersect successfully. This includes equal measures of creativity and discipline, aspiration and practicality.

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Strategy is about uncovering the pivotal insights that unlocks creativity. This is best done in collaboration – between the client, consumer and creative. We help clients to unearth the truths about their brand, challenge the status quo and charge their brands to move into the future.  This we do through deep and profound consumer understanding, which ensures the brand’s relevance to the target consumer.

Our work is based on a set of proven framework and tools


With over 20-years of observation and research on Malay consumers, Ideascape segmented these consumers into mindset segmentation and discover the differences in their attitude and behavior within that market. This research has benefited us in terms of helping us to craft the right kind of touch points based on their attitude and behaviours.

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We know our media like the back of our hands. From auto, lifestyle, business, education to health media, we have had the pleasure of handling them all.

Equipped with experience in working with the industries’ big players, we have created Ideascape very own set of PR tools to ensure the clients’ are well positioned, understood and talked about.

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