Let’s look at why are we loyal to certain brands? What makes us choose the same brand over and over again?

Now, some people may argue that it’s out of habit, the mere exposure effect like your mom has been using the same detergent brand over the years. So when you go to the shop, you are lazy to think about it and just pick same brand over and over again. So that is what psychologists call choice supportive bias. But here, when we are building brand loyalty, we want to focus and we want to see how we can do that. And to me, building brand loyalty is a lot like working on a relationship. You don’t stay in a relationship because of functional attributes, functional aspects, and functional deliveries.

So, I give you an example in a relationship when, you fall in love for the first time with your husband or your partner or your wife, it could be because he’s tall, dark and handsome. It could be because she’s drop dead gorgeous, but that’s not going to be the reason why you stay in the relationship.

The reason you stay in the relationship is because your partner, or your wife or your husband has a certain emotional attachment engagement. That relationship has got some meaning and some purpose, so the same with building brand loyalty. You want to make people stay with your brand.

It’s not going to be the functional aspects, the functional attributes that is making them stay. They might choose you because you are big or small, or the fact that you save money because you smell better than the other brand, but that’s only going to make them prefer you over the competitor, but the reason they stay with you is because of the meaning and the emotional connection that you build with your target audience, with your target consumers.

So what are we talking? When we talk about our brands, that is building emotional connection. Are we just merely talking about the functional deliveries, the functional aspects? How can we talk? How can we build emotional engagement by building that connection, which will instil the brand loyalty that will make them choose us over and over again.

How do we build meaning and purpose into our target consumer’s life? That is something that we, as brand builders need to start thinking and infuse that in our messaging and in our communications.

Idea step:

  1. Building emotional connections
  2. Emotional engagement for the brand loyalty
  3. Build meaning and purpose in consumer’s life