Have you ever wondered, why do people do charity or goodwill? Especially during this Covid times.

What drives them to be engaged in such activity? What is the explanation behind this phenomenon?

So, I am here to discuss this with you and I want to bring to light the explanation that I found from this book called “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh and he is the CEO of Zappos. In this book, he says that as human beings, we are always in pursuit of happiness. We are always looking for the next high!

If one thing makes you happy, always try to find what else can make you happier and happier. So the first level of happiness is actually when you engage yourself in activities that give you “Pleasure”.

Now what are these activities? These could be anything; from shopping online or shopping for new stuff or even trying new food and going to new places. These are pleasurable activities that you engaged in. This kind of happiness is constant inflow of stimulus because you look for it all the time but it’s hard to maintain.

The second level of happiness is that something that is called “Passion”. Passion is the type of happiness that is flowing because it keeps you in that space and this is what sports people call “being in the zone”. When you are doing something that you are passionate about, you want to be in the zone, you want to keep doing it because it gives you such satisfaction. So that passion drives the happiness.

You are passionate about your career or passionate about your new hobbies. This is the type of happiness that he said is the second level or layer.

Now the third level or the third layer of happiness is the highest and this highest type of happiness is called “Higher Purpose”.

This is about being bigger than something ‘you already are’. It’s about latching yourself or attaching yourself to a higher meaning or a higher purpose, a higher cause and that is very similar to doing charity,or doing goodwill.

When you actually engage in this kind of activity, you will get the kind of happiness, or the satisfaction that is longest lasting. So I guess this explains why people are engaged in doing charitable or goodwill activities.

Stay tune because I am going to talk about the relationship between business and happiness.

Idea step:

  1. Engage in activities that gives you ‘Pleasure’
  2. Passion is ‘being in the zone.’
  3. Higher Purpose – attaching yourself to higher purpose