So, I am here to discuss this with you and I want to bring to light the explanation that I found from this book called “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh and he is the CEO of Zappos. In this book, he says that as human beings, we are always in pursuit of happiness. We are always looking for the next high!

Turns out, the security check was taking a long time and I found myself running to catch my connecting flight. It was chaotic.

Have you ever tried running and not knowing where you are going? I mean, like here I am with my hand luggage and trying to find D2 and run as fast as I can, just where the hell is gate D2?

So reflecting on this incident, I made a parallel instance to my current life. And then I realized that I was running all the time. In my work life, I was running to hit the next target, chase to next target, and then the next target and then the next target. All this, without realization as to where is my destination?

So dear reader, if you are a leader, if you are a brand, stop and think about where you are taking your followers.

Where are you taking your people? What is the destination you’re going to, so what is the picture or the vision that you’re painting for your followers? Are they clear? Are they running together with you? Think about it. More on this again, in my next article.

Idea step:

  1. Self-realisation
  2. Know your destination
  3. Vision for your followers