About Us

Our Philosophy

What drives us is the belief that every business can be a force for good

We are committed to influence business leaders to self-direct towards making choices for a better world.

We do not settle for conventional ways and practices, what worked yesterday may not necessarily work tomorrow.

We help clients drive change and we do it with our heart and soul. From purpose to product, brand to experience, customers to operations, we source the most compelling insights, combine it with our rigor and expertise, to transform challenges to opportunities.

What inspired us to do what we do

Nothing feels better than seeing the fruit of our labor. To know that we have been able to create positive impact for brands, organization and people… makes it all worth it!

And we’d do it a hundred times more!

“In Munchy’s, we are fortunate to have IdeaScape guiding our transformation into a profit with purpose company. We landed on “Inspire happiness” together as our corporate purpose. Without doubt, this change will prove beneficial to Munchy’s for generations to come. Thank you so much to IdeaScape for curating our corporate purpose”

“It is an incredible and meaningful milestone for IdeaScape. I feel proud and share the same excitement with the team for the outstanding work that has been put together over the years in Gardenia [with] the marketing team, making Brand, Marketing Sales one of the important business elements in Gardenia. It is a good example of future accountability and triple purpose in action in my 4 and a half years encounter with you all”

“For SEEd.Lab we were in a space where we don’t have all the answers, we are trying something new and we are trying to shape opportunity. And in that space you don’t have answers. There’s no black or white, there’s no right or wrong. But you have to anchor on something.

Ideascape helped us find what we stand for, what we stand guided by in time when we don’t have all the answers”

Anis Azlinda

Head of Strategic Communications Downstream Petronas