IdeaScape Is The Official 23plusone Southeast Asian Representative

What is 23plusone?

A scientifically proven tool in understanding what drives people to do what they do.

23plusone helps simplify the often complicated process of understanding and influencing human behaviour in any setting.
Science has proven that emotion, is the single motivator for any behaviour. Which is why, if we can uncover human emotive drives, we would be able curate the behavior and empower change.

This tool helps drive positive transformation, be it in a personal or professional setting. It has been used by leaders in organizations to chart resilient strategies for visioning, growth, team alignment and coaching to induce the desired culture amongst stakeholders.

In IdeaScape, we have used 23plusone for:


Building your brand positioning is no longer a headache, as the tool helps define unique, relevant and compelling positioning, be it for corporate, product or personal branding.


A great tool for employee or stakeholder engagement and alignment by mapping their emotive drives against the organizations.


An effective coaching tool to help coach and coachee overcome hurdles and navigate towards the coaching objectives.


Whether you are recruiting or evaluating potential partnerships and joint ventures, this tool helps you to understand the gaps and overlaps in drives and values.


23plusone is a wonderful visual tool to stimulate and ease difficult conversations especially in the area of interpersonal relationships.


An invaluable tool to map out customer experience journey from where it is at the moment to where it should be. It can also be used to understand key emotional drives in the different context of customer experiences.


It is both a qualitative and a quantitative research tool to help mine valuable consumer insights to better understand the consumer’s emotive drives.


Start with Why. Purpose discovery can be made easier through building blocks of the brand or personal stories which enables the purpose to be succinctly communicated.

Experience emotive discovery for yourself

Join our complimentary preview!

Join us for one of our complimentary previews where you’ll have first hand experience with the cards and speak to our facilitators on how they’ve applied it in the many aspects of their life, personal and professional.
Disclaimer: Be prepared to see the world in a new light immediately after!

Previews are held on the 15th of every month, or the nearest available date.

Become A Practitioner!

As a practitioner, you’ll benefit most as a researcher or coach when using the cards in a one-on one setting. You’ll be trained with the basics of coaching and how to use the cards in personal development and other areas.

In the half day practitioner training session, you’ll cover:
A deep understanding of the cards
Coaching & Personal use
Using the cards online via Mural
A certificate of course completion

As a practitioner you will also receive:
One (1) 23plusone Decks

We’ll be updating our 2023 training dates soon!

Become A

As a facilitator, you’ll be trained to become a master of the tool. You’ll be licensed to use the cards in any setting, have access to both the SEA and International community, shared resources and support from IdeaScape.

In the two-day facilitator training workshop, you’ll cover:
A deep understanding of the cards
A guide to group facilitation​​
Coaching & Personal Use
Strategic Visioning
Employee/Stakeholder Engagement
Culture Co-creation
Human Resource
Using the cards online via Mural
A certificate of course completion
A license for commercial use of the cards

As a facilitator you will also receive:
Five (5) 23plusone Decks
Access to Dopamine, the official 23plusone SEA community
Access to the international 23plusone community
23plusone related support from IdeaScape

We’ll be updating our 2023 training dates soon!